4-Year Framework Partnership Agreements to support European networks active in the area of equality between women and men


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The Rights and Citizenship Programme is the successor of three 2007-2013 programmes: Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, Daphne III, the Sections "Antidiscrimination and Diversity" and ...

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Call: 4-Year Framework Partnership Agreements to support European networks active in the area of equality between women and men

Identifier Code: REC-NETW-2017 (Topic ID: REC-RGEN-NETW-2017)


This call aims to establish 4-year Framework Partnership Agreements with European networks whose statutory aims are to promote equality between women and men and to advance gender mainstreaming. The annual grants to be signed on the basis of these Framework Partnership Agreements will enhance the capacities of these networks to contribute actively to the development and implementation of the policies in this area.

Detailed Call Description:

Within this framework, the activities of the networks should contribute to one or more of the following priorities:

  • supporting the development, implementation and monitoring of gender equality policies and legislation at EU and national levels;
  • promoting equality between women and men in the implementation of the Europe2020 Strategy and promoting the economic and business case for gender equality across the EU;
  • promoting gender mainstreaming in EU and national policies and supporting national member organisations' involvement in the promotion of the gender equality aspects of the main EU policies, including the implementation of the gender perspective in the European Structural and Investment Funds;
  • strengthening the capacity of national member organisations and their knowledge of EU gender equality policies by providing information and advice on European gender equality concerns;
  • improving the knowledge and understanding of discrimination and inequalities between women and men in Member States (including multiple discrimination);
  • contributing to an effective legal protection against discrimination on the basis of the various EU-directives implementing the principle of equal treatment between women and men;
  • raising public awareness and disseminating information about women's rights, the rights to gender equality and their benefits to society.


The networks' activities carried over the 4 years should support national member organizations' involvement –at national level- in the promotion of the gender equality aspects in the areas of employment, social inclusion and poverty, education, research, external relations, etc. EU-level networks should also encourage the cooperation between their national members and social partner organisations at national level.

This call will support networks whose activities contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the Programme and who will implement among others: analytical activities, training activities, mutual learning, cooperation, awareness-raising and dissemination activities.

The annual operating grant to be provided based on these Framework Partnership Agreements will finance the expenditure linked to the activities of these networks, insofar as they are in line with the objectives of the Programme in the area concerned and with the annual priorities that may be established by the Commission. The costs of general administrative expenditure necessary for the running of these organisations may also be covered.

Percentage of Subsidy/Co-Financing:


Thematic Categories: 

Education and Training
Justice - Security
Social Affairs & Human Rights

Eligibility for Participation:

Non Profit Organisations
Educational Institutions
State-owned Enterprises
International Organisations

Call Opening Date: 07/03/2017

Call Closing Date: 16/05/2017

EU Contact Point:

Call Website: http://ec.europa. ...

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